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Sales Representation

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When You Sell

Bigger isn?t always better. Sometimes it only means your horse gets lost in the shuffle. At Lantern Hill Farm, we believe that good sales result from personalized relationships with our sellers and buyers, and there is no higher compliment than the seller who tells us, ?Just treat her like she was one of yours,? or the buyer who walks into the shedrow at a sale and says, ?What do I need to see??

In over 30 years of selling horses in Central Kentucky, we have built a solid reputation for honesty on both sides of the transaction, as well as top-notch horsemanship and skilled presentation.

No matter who sells your horse, a good agent must be able to provide:

An educated appraisal: what is the horse worth? [click here to appraise your horse]

The most important first step in a successful sale is to begin with a realistic sales target for your horse, based on pedigree analysis, conformation and market trends. Keep in mind that radiographs and scope exams done three weeks prior to the sale date will have a major impact on the price your horse ultimately fetches.

Does the consignor have the reputation and experience to add value to your horse?

The best horses sell themselves. A good agent?s job is to maximize the sales price for every horse in a consignment.

What sale best suits the horse?

The decision to sell in Kentucky, at regional sales, or even in international markets is a key to maximizing returns for your horse. In nearly three decades of attending sales, selling horses and studying results from auctions around the world, we can offer expert guidance in helping you find the niche that best suits your horse?s pedigree, maturity and conformation.

Can the consignor provide expert sales prep, or supervise others in bringing the horse to the sale in peak physical condition?

At Lantern Hill Farm, we provide sales preparation targeted to each animal, and make it a priority to communicate with others who may be caring for your horses in readying them for the sale.

Lantern Hill Farm has hosted a Thoroughbred Owners? and Breeders? Association New Owners? Seminar on various aspects of farm management. Click here to view our Sales Prep Schedule for Mares and Foals and Yearlings, which was provided to seminar attendees.

What will it cost to sell your horse?

Keep this in mind: "You get what you pay for." Finding the cheapest board rates or reduced sales commissions may seem like good business, but it can cost you at the sales, where attention to detail can make the difference between extra money in your pocket and a horse returned to you unsold.

Lantern Hill Farm consignments are never big in numbers, and we specialize in showcasing each horse, wherever it sells. Give us a call to discuss your sales plans.